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Call for Papers for graduate students and postdocs — visual methods workshop in Berlin 3-4 December 2015

The TRANSFORmIG project (Humboldt University Berlin) and Bard College Berlin are organizing a two-day workshop to bring together international researchers, activists, and artists tackling the notion of difference with visual and visualization methods. The aim of the workshop is to share research conducted with visual methodologies and to collectively develop new ideas and strategies on how visual methods can enhance our understanding of contemporary social worlds. In three thematic sessions we will discuss the latest methodological developments in social sciences, innovative visual and participatory research tools, and co-operation possibilities between academia, activism, and art. The keynote speaker, Professor Caroline Knowles of Goldsmiths College, will share her expertise on visual methodologies in social sciences and offer her comments on the methodological tools discussed during the workshop.

The conference will take place in Berlin, Germany, from

3-4 DECEMBER 2015

Call for Papers

We are now accepting applications for participation in two trouble-shooting labs from graduate students and early career researchers working with visual or visualization methods in social sciences. The trouble shooting labs will offer selected participants an opportunity to discuss their research projects in a collegial and supportive atmosphere with visual and visualization methods experts and practitioners. Please send a 500-word description of your project and a short biographical note to Agata Lisiak at by 30 September 2015.

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Upcoming event: Conference – Empirical Investigation of Social Space II

The objective of this international conference is to bring together social scientists interested in both traditional and modern methods for the construction of social space, in line with the work of Pierre Bourdieu. This event follows the spirit of a conference organized by Henry Rouanet (1931-2008), Brigitte Le Roux, and Jörg Blasius with Bourdieu’s participation, in Cologne, Germany, in 1998. The purpose of this conference is to explicate and extend Bourdieu’s relationalism in social analysis by elaborating his core concepts and amplifying the methodological precepts and techniques of their deployment. Special attention will be paid to the ways in which his habitus/field theory might be extended.

The conference will take place at the University of Bonn, Germany, from

October 12th – 14th, 2015

Call for Papers

Deadline for abstract submission: 1st of June, 2015, notification of acceptance of conference paper: 29th of June, 2015. For further information, please contact:

Organizers: Jörg Blasius, University of Bonn; Frédéric Lebaron, University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines; Brigitte Le Roux, University Paris Descartes; Andreas Schmitz, University of Bonn

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Research Network – Bourdieu Transnational

 Bourdieu Transnational is a useful resource for anyone who is interested in applying Bourdieu’s theory in a transnational context. It is a platform for exchange of information about existing work and planned events on applications of Pierre Bourdieu’s heritage in research on transnational processes, including migration, entrepreneurship, education, and social movements. The network is open to all disciplines, but we believe it is of particular interest to scholars working in sociology, educational research, social inequality studies, migration research, international politics, and economics.

The short-term goal of the network is to create a space for researchers to share their work with each other (through links to articles, books, and other materials) and a list of scholars who apply Bourdieu’s theory in their research on cross-border phenomena.

For further information about Bourdieu Transnational, please visit our website.

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