HU GLA Winter Module I, 2016 (January 11th – 29th)

Our (A2 – C2) courses consist of intense German classes in the mornings and a complementary afternoon program two to three times a week. During these afternoon sessions you will be able to apply your German knowledge contextually while learning about German culture and history. Please check our HU GLA website for further information:

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  1. Liebe Frau Ramin-Getter,

    I am a Doctoral student at the University of technology, and I am part-way through my PhD. My research area is directly related to contemporary Germany. As such I have been given dispensation to study German Language and Culture at the university here in Sydney. I will complete Level 4 (A2) this month, and I will commence Level 5 (B1) in March 2016 when the semester resumes.

    I will be in Germany in January 2016 and I would very much like to take your HU GLA Winter Module 1 course in order to enhance my current German language skills.

    Would you mind please letting me know any relevant information further to what I can see on your website?

    Also, I have seen on the DAAD page that it is possible to attend this course for 2 weeks. Can these two weeks be from 18 January – 29 January, or must they commence on 11 January?

    Also, would you mind please giving me the breakdown of hours and times per week? I ask because I need to conduct research for my project while I am in Berlin, and need to assess how it would all fit together.

    Vielen Dank!

    Freundliche Grüße,


    1. Hello Lisa,

      thank you for your interest in our HU GLA Winter Program 2016!

      I hope I can answer all your questions.

      If you want to attend our courses in January 2016 please check our website about Visa conditions, Apartment options and Payment conditions (the links (blue colored) for these specific informations you will find on our website).

      Unfortunately a 2 week attendance is only possible with the beginning of each course on January 11th.

      A 3 week course gives you a total of 90 credit-hours (1 credit-hour is 45 minutes). That means you will have 30 credit-hours per week and average of 6 per day. If you only want to attend a 2 weeks session you will 60 credit-hours in total. The credit-hours per week and day run accordingly. You will have German classes in the mornings (5 credit-hours per day) and two to three times an afternoon program in the afternoons (ca. 5 credit-hours per week).

      To check your actual Language level please do the online test that we provide:

      If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

      Best regards,

      Konrad Reissmann
      HU GLA Program Manager

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