HU GLA SM I, 2019: German Culture and Area Studies (B1-B2 German Intensive course)

Course details          

German class in the morning

80 credit hours

Monday to Friday, 09.00 am – 12.30 pm

Academic lessons in the afternoon

20 credit hours

two to three times a week, Tuesday to Thursday, 01.30 pm – 03.00 pm

Content of Academic lessons

The course offers different ways of approaching German art, culture and history. The course spans an arc from painting to film to the history of Jewish life by using the tools of intuition and reflection, practical exercises up to the direct encounter with cultural phenomena. At first, you will have the opportunity to engage intensively with the subject of Fine Arts in Germany. The course will introduce important paintings and representatives from the Romantik to Expressionism to get familiar with the subject’s background and to discover peculiarities. Secondly, we will focus on film as a medium to transport feelings, knowledge and culture. You will get an insight into the current German film scene and work on various film formats such as feature films, short films and advertising films as well as music videos. Furthermore, you are given the opportunity to go on a search for traces of Jewish life in Germany. We will focus on both the history of Judaism in Germany and the lives of young Jews in Berlin. During excursions to historical sights and museum visits you will experience the vivid culture, everyday life and history of Germany and its capital.


Sandra Künstler

2000 Graduation with a Master degree in Theater sciences, Economics and Sociology at the University of Leipzig

2004-2006 Instructor for German as A Foreign Language (DaF) at various Language schools in Prague, Czech Republic

2006-2008 Instructor for German as a Foreign Language (DaF) at the Goethe Institute Tel Aviv and at the Tel Aviv University, Israel

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