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Kick-off-meeting of the Board of Directors and R&N Consultants on December 14, 2013 at Humboldt-University

To push things forward after the summer break, the Langscape coordinators, Lutz Küster and Stephan Breidbach, invite the newly-formed Board of Directors and the Research&Network Consultants for a kick-off-meeting. The meeting will take place at Humboldt-University on Saturday, December 14, from 9:30 to 1:30, followed by a concluding lunch.

The kick-off-meeting aims at elaborating and specifying the plans for the development of Langscape initiated in Istanbul in April this year. We hope to be able to set up an agenda for Langscape to be implemented the coming 3 years .

In order to be able to reach this admittedly ambitious goal, it is our main concern for all of us to have the same state of information and for everyone to be able to feed in her/his ideas and potential. Ideally, each of the directorates should be represented by at least one person at the meeting. The coordinators therefore ask the directors to decide who will be present at the meeting and send their feedback as soon as possible.

Also note that the AILA-ReN Symposium “Sociocultural Theory and Emergentism” will take place at the same venue on Dec. 13, one day before the meeting. The call for papers will be open until Sept. 8 and all Langscape members are welcome to submit their proposal for a short presentation. Non-presenting guests are also welcome.

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Fresh off the press: Content and Language Integrated Learning in Europe (CLIL) – Research Perspectives on Policy and Practice

The latest volume in MSU (Mehrsprachigkeit in Schule und Unterricht, Vo. 14) is now ready for delivery:

Content and Language Integrated Learning in Europe (CLIL) – Research Perspectives on Policy and Practice, edited by Stephan Breidbach & Britta Viebrock (2013, Peter Lang Publishers).


Here is an adapted excerpt from the cover text:Umschlag_MSU-14_Breidbach-Viebrock

CLIL has received a strong tailwind in European educational and language policies. However, an overly speedy implementation of CLIL ‘for all’ carries many uncharted risks for all groups of stakeholders. The purpose of this book is to link the growing empirical knowledge about the full complexity of CLIL to the current European educational and language policies.

This bi-lingual volume (English/German) brings together authors from several European countries to present significant findings from recent CLIL research in the light of the developments in education policy. The four parts of the book focus on the reconstruction of learning processes, learner achievement, investigations of the concept of CLIL, and critical reflections on the current “CLIL boom”.

Contributors from Langscape:

Stephan Breidbach, Daniela Elsner, Özlem Etus, Marie-Anne Hansen-Pauly, Katja Lochtman and Britta Viebrock.

A preview of the table of content will follow here, soon.


Please consider recommending the volume for purchase to your librarian. Direct orders can be placed with Peter Lang Publishers.