Just Published: Social Dimensions of Autonomy in Language Learning

Edited by Garold Murray (Okayama University, JAPAN) this book has just been published:

Social Dimensions of Autonomy in Language Learning, edited by Garold Murray (2014, Palgrave Macmillan).

Here is an excerpt taken from the book cover:

Learner autonomy in language learning, initially associated with independence, is now
viewed as a capacity that can be developed in social contexts involving learner
interdependence and collaboration. In this volume researchers, most of whom are also
language teachers, from Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and North and South America, explore
the social aspects of learner autonomy in various language learning contexts. Bringing
together theory, research and practice, the studies draw on socially oriented theoretical
perspectives – such as social constructivism, sociocultural theory, situated learning, ecology
and complexity – and primarily employ case study and ethnographic methodologies. This
research suggests that the social dimensions of learner autonomy encompass underinvestigated
emotional, spatial and political dimensions. In addition to theoretical issues,
the authors discuss implications for practice, making this book of interest to teachers,
researchers, and other language professionals working in classrooms, distance education,
self-access centres, as well as virtual and social learning spaces.

With contributions by: Alice Chik and Stephan Breidbach (from Langscape), Garold Murray, Christine O’Leary, Tim Lewis and Tomoko Yashima and others

For a detailed list of contents and authors, please see here.

To purchase, refer to Palgrave Macmillan Publishers.


22. May 2014 | Posted by Claudia Schmidt

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  1. The book has a very nice cover, it will look nice on everyone’s shelf. I think that’s a good reason to buy!

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