Announcement: “Sloganization in Language Education Discourse” is available now

Dear fellow LANGSCAPE members,

In early November the volume “Sloganization in Language Education Discourse”, edited by Barbara Schmenk, Stephan Breidbach and Lutz Küster, was published by Multilingual Matters. In close coopertation with the book’s editors the authors David Gramling, Dietmar Rösler, Gerhard Bach, Britta Viebrock, John Plews, David Block and Aneta Pavlenko contributed chapters to this interesting critical analysis of conceptual thinking in the age of academic marketization.

This recent publication focuses (self-)critically on sloganization as an emergent phenomenon in language education discourse. Motivated by an increasing uneasiness with a number of widespread concepts in current language education research that have become sloganized, this volume comprises a collection of chapters by international scholars that scrutinize the discourse of language education, identify popular slogans and reconstruct the sloganization processes. It promotes critical self-reflection of scholars and professionals in the field of language education – a field that has widely been dominated by the need to develop innovative approaches and practices, at the expense of self-critical work that attempts to situate the field and its approaches within wider historical, cultural and conceptual contexts.

Further information about the book please visit the corresponding Multilingual Matters website.

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