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Vortrag des Q-Kollegs zu „Macedonian State and Nation“

Studierende des Q-Kollegs haben zum Abschluss ihrer Forschung eine Vortragsveranstaltung mit Professor Ljupco Risteski vorbereitet. Der Vortrag findet auf ZOOM statt:

Macedonian State and Nation and The Rival Projects Between 1991 and 2018

The post-independence Republic of Macedonia has taken great strides towards the building of a multi-ethnic and multi-confessional society over the last thirty years. However, such a process has not been without contestation and conflict, demonstrated by the armed conflict between forces of the National Liberation Army and the Macedonian Armed Forces in 2001. This lecture will discuss how Macedonia has engaged in a process of active identity construction through judicial (constitutional) change and national symbols (flag, anthem, coat of arms) between 1991 and 2018. This process of identity construction has not only been limited to domestic institutional actors such as political parties of various ethnicities but has also developed an international dimension as demonstrated by the name dispute with Greece, leading to the present day name of North Macedonia. These issues highlight the profound interconnectedness of ethnicity and religion with the modern day nation-building project of a relatively new Balkan state.

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