Circle U.-Teams of winter semester 2022/23 – 2/2

We, the global governors

Today’s world is very interconnected and issues like climate change, pandemics and conflicts affect us through state borders. Various global governance institutions have been formed to tackle these issues, albeit with varying effectiveness. The course We, the global governors will explore current issues that global governance institutions are trying to solve, as well as the role of democracy in facing contemporary challenges. We will analyse and discuss to what extent democracy and civil society have penetrated various areas of global governance, as well as how greater transparency, democratization, inclusion at the local level and deliberation can make the global governance more effective.

The field, while within the domain of political science, is inherently interdisciplinary. This course will provide the theoretical and methodological knowledge in the field of global governance. As such, this course is open for master students from various disciplines, provided that students from non-political science disciplines are capable of conducting research within their fields.

We will investigate what global governance is, how it is forming and changing, as well as how it is affected by democracy. In this project we will cover the important steps of research such as forming research questions, finding literature, creating a theoretical framework, and providing empirical proofs.

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