8 PhD positions – interdisciplinary graduate school ‚Factual and Fictional Narration‘

GRK Erzählen

Website: http://www.grk-erzaehlen.uni-freiburg.de/application-calls
Deadline: March 19, 2018

The DFG-funded interdisciplinary graduate school GRK 1767 ‚Factual and Fictional Narration‘ at the University of Freiburg, Germany, is inviting applications for 8 PhD positions  starting on October 1, 2018

Remuneration follows the DFG rates of TV-L E13, 65%. The positions are funded for 3 years.

The graduate school ‚Factual and Fictional Narration‘ focuses on nonfictional narratives as well as on the interplay of factuality and fictionality in a wide range of texts and (audio-) visual or material media. Although factual narrative cannot be easily defined, we take as our starting point narratives that for their addressees have a direct pragmatic reference to real-world situations. Our research aims at extending narratological methodology to areas beyond the classical applications of literary narrative theory; at the same time we want to profit from narrative analyses that have been successfully developed in other humanities disciplines as well as in fields like psychology, economics, legal studies and theology.

The graduate school is a transdisciplinary research group. Applicants with a non-philological research focus (e.g. Law, Theology, Linguistics, Classics, Medieval Studies, History, Psychology, Media Studies, or Economics) are expressly invited to submit their application.

Contact: hanna.haeger@grk1767.uni-freiburg.de

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