◊ 07.06.24 Agora Hysteria #2: Speculative Biographies

Speculative Biographies, Sophiensaele, 5pm

On June 7, the Agora Hysteria will be dedicated to transnational adoption. Under the title Speculative Biographies, the power relationship between the global South and North will be highlighted. Amongst others, kimura byol lemoine, Canadian artist and activist, will show video works and objects; researcher and author Anja Sunhyun Michaelsen will provide insights into their own research. The day will also feature visual artist Rae (Mee-Jin) Tilly. In the evening, Olivia Hyunsin Kim invites you to her legendary dance karaoke Everybody Danceoke.

2024-06-07 | Posted by Alexis Mertens
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