Re-coding the New or how to play with creativity when you’re not a creative person

The Language Centre proudly presents:
Nick Byrne – Director of the London School of Economics Language Centre and Associate Professor at the Institut Français de la Mode, Paris

Wednesday, 25th May, 8.30-12 Uhr; Dorotheenstraße 65, 333
The fashion calendar presents us with the new twice a year. This new is looked at, analysed and absorbed … or glanced at, flicked through and ignored. This season’s new will become last season’s old, but new and contradictory concepts, new classics, neo-nineties, nu-vintage, will time-warp newness to suit fashion’s fickle and flexible interpretation of time itself.This presentation does not serve as a trend forecast. It aims to take you on a journey to see how we re-package things that are marketed as new, but which depend on the way we believe this to be the case.
We need to believe in the concept/image/product and trust it … and trust is a key element at the start of the new decade.
We will look at the following:

  • The colour which might best reflect the mood of fashion at the start of the decade
  • The decade’s first fashion-ism
  • The present role of trust in retail and how we can see this exemplified in products and shops

You will be encouraged to make creative links between “fashionable fiction” and “fashion facts”, looking at the way retail both reflects and influences patterns of consumption.
You will get a feel for playing with words, interpreting, plotting and deciphering trends …
re-coding the new for the start of the decade.

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