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◊ 09-10.09.2023: Writing and Sounding the Archive at Spinnboden Lesbenarchiv

In this workshop for queer BIPoC, we will turn our attention to the lesser-known stories of the Spinnboden Lesbian Archive—an inquiry into documents that recount lesbian-queer, racialised, diasporic, and (post-)migrant lives.

We will read and discuss excerpts on archiving from decolonial and intersectional perspectives, as well as engage with the collection, the aim being to probe absences and traces, and to possibly counter problematic historical records. The workshop draws on the thoughts of Saidiya Hartman, Chela Sandoval and Anjali Arondekar, i.a.

Each participant will produce a written or sonic input that will be presented in the form of an intermedial zine.

Project by Wassan Ali und Hany Tea

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◊ 5-10.09.2023: Spätifunk[fenster]. Public installations on the “migrant everyday” as part of Urbane Praxis Week 2023

Spätifunk[fenster] is a project co-organized by Thao Ho in which she puts research questions that she came across during her first semester as part of “Tales of the Diasporic Ordinary” into practice: How can we understand the concept of diasporic tales, diasporic ordinary, archive (oral history), and aesthetics (How to reproduce and display marginalized stories beyond representation? How can the inevitable practice of (self-)extraction look like through a less violent process?)

The installations can be found in Berliner Spätis (late-night shops) and other public spaces, and give an insight into the visual and auditory documentation of conversations with Späti owners about their late-night shop, experiences with the so-called Sunday regulation, the ban on outdoor seating, gentrification and the everyday encounters in their neighbourhood.

More information here.

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