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Langscape expresses solidarity with our friends in Turkey

The recent developments following the attempted coup-d’état in Turkey have given rise to many concerns and worries with regard to the fundamental freedom of research and academic teaching, and the personal situation of Langscape members working at the country’s universities. On behalf of Langscape, we express our solidarity with all our friends and colleagues in Turkey. The Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin has released an address of solidarity that we fully support and would like to endorse by sharing it with the Langscape community.

Furthermore, the European University Association has expressed its opposition to the massive state-interference at Turkish universities that lead to a clampdown on deans and the curtailing of the freedom to travel for researchers and students.

Langscape subscribes to the EUA’s call to “support democracy in Turkey, including institutional autonomy and academic freedom for scholars and students”.

On behalf of the Langscape Board,

Stephan Breidbach and Lutz Küster

25. July 2016 | Posted by Prof. Dr. Stephan Breidbach | No comments »