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Langscape Symposium Berlin: Break-out Session Teaching Projects (Erasmus+)

Dear Langscape members,

Our directors of Teaching Projects – Daniela, Özlem, and Sevinc – propose to apply for a project within the Strategic Partnership funding line of the European Union (Erasmus+). The idea is to offer a specialised doctoral support programme offered through Langscape by its members over a period of three years. The core elements will be face-to-face summer schools and a virtual online module addressing relevant topics for PhD research in the field of multilingualism, language teaching and identity (e.g. concepts and theory, methodology and research methods), and for further academic qualification (e.g. teaching). The product aimed for in the project will be a sustainable curriculum for doctoral research and practice in the areas of investigation of Langscape. We thus hope to be able to offer a unique programme characterised by international perspectives across related areas of research that have not yet been linked or integrated “across disciplines & linguaspheres”.

Therefore, we will set aside a slot at the VUM Symposium in Berlin (8/9 July) of two-three hours to kick-off the project development phase in order to be able to meet the submission deadline in Feb/March 2017. Whilst planning will continue over the summer, actual proposal writing will start in October/Novembern 2016. The coordinators will be Daniela and her team at Frankfurt University.

All Langscape members wishing to be part of the project are requested to state their interest and register for the kick-off session. A preliminary description of the project idea including a quick-list of the cornerstones for Strategic Partnership projects Erasmus+ is attached to this call. In the online registration form for the kick-off meeting please indicate the teaching format (Summer School / online module) and the topic (e.g. theory; research methods; methodology; preparation for academic teaching, or any other) that you think you will be able to offer.

In order to facilitate communication and the preparation of the kick-off meeting, please use the Langscape Symposium website for your registration. Registration will be open until May 30th, 2016.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Berlin,

best wishes,

Lutz, Bettina, Stephan

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Call for applications: guest lectureship at Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt

Dear LANGSCAPE members and friends,

I´m happy to forward this call for applications on behalf of Daniela Elsner, member of the LANGSCAPE Teaching Projects Directorate. The programme International Campus at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt invites lecturers from abroad to offer courses at the Goethe-Universität between May 2015 and August 2016.

Please note: applications should be handed in until 26th April 2015.

For a detailed description of the programme as well as conditions and requirements please refer to the announcement here (in German) or contact Daniela Elsner (

Best regards,