Announcement: Change of personnel – Farewell to Bettina Kaiser, introducing Florian Möller

Dear Langscape members,

This post announces a change in personnel among the Langscape coordination. First of all, I would like to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Florian Möller. Currently, I work for the Foreign Language Education section of the department of English and American Studies at Humboldt-University in Berlin. So far, the focus of my work has been to administer the department’s literature. Yet, I have now been given the opportunity to extend my field of work and will in future take over from Bettina Kaiser assisting the Langscape coordinators.

Sadly, this leads me to one of my first duties, which is to bid Bettina Kaiser farewell. As far as my still rather limited Langscape experience tells me her excellent, constructive and precise work in assisting and organizing the coordination of Langscape will be missed by all of us. Yet, other projects await her and I heartily wish her continued success in all her future efforts. Thank you for the good work, Bettina! In order to let Bettina write a few words as well I would like to hand over the metaphorical pen to her:

Changing the identity of “I”, I, Bettina, would like to use this paragraph to express my gratitude in having been able to work with and for all of you. It has been a great pleasure to get to know you and I thank Florian for taking over. To cut a long story short: thank you for your continued trust in my abilities and to all of you the utmost success in shaping Langscape’s future and vision.

Best wishes,

Bettina Kaiser

Bettina Kaiser (Abb.: Bettina Kaiser)


Florian Möller

Florian Möller (Abb.: Florian Möller)



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