The ENROPE project team invites all ENROPErs to a keep-in-touch meeting on Feb. 8th, 2022

Hello all ENROPErs,

Some time has passed since we last met for the third and final Intensive Study Week “in” Barcelona, and we think that it is time for an ENROPE reunion meeting.

So, here comes our save-the-date message for everyone waiting and wanting to touch base, keep in touch, and continue the ENROPE experience: We will meet on Tuesday, 8th February 2022 from 2-5 pm (CET). For this online event, we are planning for family-group reunions, special interests workshops related to ENROPE topics, and opportunities for you to learn more about the Langscape International Research Network and how ENROPErs can connect with Langscape in the future.

A more detailed schedule and a registration link will be available soon.

We hope to see you all in February next year and send our very best wishes from the ENROPE project team.

19. November 2021 | Posted by Prof. Dr. Stephan Breidbach

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