A Bad Girl – Ek buri ladki

bad-girl31You’re a ‘bad girl’ if you fight rapists or go out with boys: New Meme

By: Meghna Malik, The Indian Express

Barely a month after the first ‘bad girl’ meme went viral on the internet, another ‘bad girl’ chart is doing the rounds on social media. The chart comes shortly after Leslee Udwin’s controversial documentary, ‘India’s Daughter’, which is based on the rape and murder of a 23-year-old student in December 2012. This documentary has been banned by the government of India.

Titled ‘Ek Buri Ladki – Rapist Ki Nazar se‘, this satirical chart shows 12 illustrations that depict the qualities of a bad girl, according to a rapist. Going by the chart, in the eyes of a rapist, a girl is a ‘bad girl’ if she roams around after 9 PM, fights the rapist or goes out with boys.

The chart further reads that a girl who talks in English, goes to a pub or files an FIR against the rapist is also a bad girl.

Quelle: http://indianexpress.com/article/trending/youre-a-bad-girl-if-you-fight-rapists-or-go-out-with-boys-new-meme/

Eine größere Version des Posters kann hier angesehen werden: bad-girl31


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