Podcast – Visual Cultures of South Asia

Recorded at the culmination of the eight-week long seminar course ‘Visual Cultures of South Asia,’, taught by Salma Siddique, this podcast features three postgraduate students with their end-of-term presentations.
The seminar course concentrates on images and their contexts of production, circulation and consumption in twentieth century South Asia. Building on the broad themes of gender and performance, colonialism and nationalism, modes of address and ways of seeing, the sacred and the secular, meaning making and narratives of identity, the podcast participants examine three media ecologies.
The first is Theresa Suski who looks at the visual dimension of the Ramjanmabhoomi political mobilisation, the second is Lisa Neubert-Tamrakar who examines the logic of Hollywood remakes in Bollywood and finally, Priska Komaromi excavates the popularity of Hindi films in the Eastern Bloc. 

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