The e-Diasporas Atlas is a unique experiment in research on diasporas as well as in publishing, a first in the restitution of scientific findings and their presentation. Historically, the emergence of e-diasporas occurred in tandem with the diffusion of the Internet and the development of multiple online public services. At the end of the 1990s, a number of institutions joined forces with the new ‘e’-technologies (e-administration, e-democracy, e-education, e-healthcare, e-culture, e-tourism), which gave rise to the first presence on the Web of associations run by migrant populations. If the earliest websites were produced by IT professionals, we soon saw the diffusion of the Web in all of the diasporic communities and at all levels. The last ten years witnessed the use of both Webs 1.0 and 2.0 in these communities as well as the widespread appropriation of the various social-networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). These new communication and organization practices have produced a vast, moving e-corpus, whose exploration, analysis and archiving have never before been attempted. The outcome of the efforts of more than 80 researchers worldwide, the e-Diasporas Atlas is the first of its kind, with some 8,000 migrant websites archived and observed in their interactions.

You find the e-Diasporas Atlas under this link: http://www.e-diasporas.fr/index.html#top

Especially interesting in context with this blog are the following working papers:

Cyber-Hindutva: Hindu nationalism, the diaspora and the Web
By Ingrid Therwath (Find abstract and paper under: http://www.e-diasporas.fr/wp/therwath.html)

Sikh Narratives: An Analysis of Virtual Diaspora Networks
By Priya Kumar (Find abstract and paper under: http://www.e-diasporas.fr/wp/kumar-sikh.html)

Transnational Tamil Networks: Mapping Engagement Opportunities on the Web
By Priya Kumar (Find abstract and paper under: http://www.e-diasporas.fr/wp/kumar-tamil.html)

Overview of research on the Indian e-diaspora
By Éric Leclerc (Find abstract and paper under: http://www.e-diasporas.fr/wp/leclerc.html)

Indian migrants of Kerala in the Web
By Marie Percot & Philippe Venier (Find abstract and paper under: http://www.e-diasporas.fr/wp/kerala.html)

Exploring migrant Indian real-estate on the Web
By Aurélie Varrel (Find abstract and paper under: http://www.e-diasporas.fr/wp/varrel.html)

Nepalese diasporic websites, signs and conditions of a diaspora in the making?
By Tristan Bruslé (Find abstract and paper under: http://www.e-diasporas.fr/wp/brusle.html)

South Asianism: Web activisim and identity politics
By Anouck Carsignol (Find abstract and paper under: http://www.e-diasporas.fr/wp/carsignol.html)

Discovering the Zoroastrian e-diaspora
By David Knaute (Find abstract and paper under: http://www.e-diasporas.fr/wp/knaute.html)

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