Asiafoundations Must-Reads 2012

Unter finden Sie eine Liste mit einigen sehr interessanten Berichten und Blogs der Asiafoundation zu Schwerpunktthemen aus dem Jahr 2012:


John Brandon blogs on changes under way in Burma (also known as Myanmar): “Optimism High, But Challenges Remain for Burma’s Future;” Kim Ninh reflects on a trip to Rangoon where she observes: “These are heady days for the country, with the government and the Parliament engaging in an extraordinary lawmaking agenda.” Conflict expert Thomas Parks examines how to avoid mistakes of the past in Burma’s development.


Asia Foundation VP Nancy Yuan reflects on Aung San Suu Kyi’s historic U.S. visit; a slideshow illuminates an Asia Foundation delegation visit to Myanmar President U Thein Sein.


“India’s Censorship Struggle,” and “Facebook Arrests Ignite Fury over Internet Regulation in India,” by Mandakini Devasher Surie


Tim Mann blogs on Jakarta’s lively online gubernatorial election; Sandra Hamid says it was “arguably Indonesia’s single most important ballot before the 2014 presidential polls.”


Foundation experts in Kabul examine latest Survey of the Afghan People findings:


“Data Reliability in Challenging Landscapes,” by Sunil Pillai


“Insecurity, Unemployment, and Corruption Drive Perceptions of Afghan People,” by Mark Kryzer


“While Impressive, Gains for Afghan Women Must Increase,” by Palwasha Kakar


Asia Foundation debates open data and natural disaster management at Google’s Big Tent in Japan; Naita Saechao looks at how to harness mobile learning to advance global literacy; and Katherine Loh asks what’s holding mobile money back in Asia?


Long-awaited Framework Agreement is signed between the government of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Steven Rood writes on a “Road Map to a Bangsamoro in the Philippines;” and Maribel Buenaobra looks at the rich diversity of women’s peace-building activities in conflict-affected Mindanao.


Women’s participation is on the rise around the globe, but lack of access to political decision-making continues to have consequences on women’s equality, Rozana Majumdar writes from the South Asia Women Parliamentarians’ Conference in Dhaka. Rosita Armytage and Shahid Fiaz ask: “Why Are 10 Million Women Missing from Pakistan’s Electoral Rolls?” and Sarah Alexander and Véronique Salze-Lozac’h blog on how women business owners are getting ready for a unified ASEAN Economic Community.


From Beijing, Jonathan Stromseth blogs on the “New Face of Foreign Aid in Asia;” Huang Zhen writes why China must engage SMEs to meet low-carbon growth targets; and In Asia interviews TIME’s Hero, Chinese Environmentalist Zhao Zhong.



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